Policy of integrated quality management system and information security

The strategic goal of Risk Analysis Consultants, s.r.o. (Company) in accordance with the vision and mission of the company is the continuous satisfaction of customer needs, with regard to the requirements arising from the specifics of each customer, based on a high level of knowledge and experience of the Company’s consultants and their maintenance at the top world level. The aim is to continuously increase the efficiency and quality of consulting services, whether provided in the form of projects or partnership support, and to improve the ability to respond promptly to market developments and the changing environment. In the course of performing all the Company’s activities, both in relation to the Company’s clients, partners or business processes, the aim is to minimize the security risks of the Company’s assets and interests, especially in the area of ​​information assets. To meet these goals, the Company plans, implements, maintains and controls an integrated management system (IMS), covering the area of ​​information quality and security.

Quality management system policy

In order to meet the Company’s declared obligations in the area of ​​quality assurance, the Company implements appropriate measures to ensure that clients’ expectations are met when using the Company’s services and solutions. We consider the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients as the basis for the successful development of our business, therefore we provide services and solutions that help meet the needs of our clients. We support the atmosphere of open communication, make full use of and develop the creative potential of our employees, thanks to which we achieve high quality of our services and solutions. By managing and monitoring the Company’s key processes, we ensure that our services and solutions maintain the consistently high quality that our clients expect. We focus our efforts especially where we can influence the quality of our services and solutions, thus preventing inefficient cost increases and loss of customer satisfaction. We actively seek opportunities for improvement, use them flexibly and quickly, and project changes into our services and solutions, thereby increasing their value. By fulfilling the financial aspects of our work, we ensure the effective functioning and perspective of the Company and thus the development and social needs of our employees.

Information security management system policy

One of the company’s main goals is to ensure the security of information through appropriate and appropriate measures that will protect information assets so as to provide an adequate level of security to our customers and partners. This goal is fulfilled by building, implementing, operating, inspecting, maintaining and continuously improving the documented information security management system in the context of the company’s business activities and risks. The basic resources for information security management within the company are legal regulations, standards, norms and recommendations that must be respected in the information security management process. The term information security means the process of ensuring the protection of information at the required level in terms of its confidentiality, integrity and availability. To ensure our business goals and activities, or to meet legislative requirements, we create, process and maintain information of various kinds, which requires ensuring their security.

This integrated management system policy applies to the main business activities and services other than those related to the Company’s expertise business, which are governed by other internal regulations of the Company and other than those involving the processing of information falling within the scope of the Classified Information Protection Act. protected in accordance with the law, decrees and the safety documentation of the Company approved by the responsible state authority.

Prague, 7th November 2006

Ing. Michal Zipaj, MBA

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