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European Commission valued the Digital Forensics Institute qualification

The European Commission valued professionalism and qualification of the RAC Digital Forensic Institute (RAC DFI) by approving a project of Czech Cyber Crime Centre of Excellence for realization. Within the project the RAC DFI is a guarantor of special courses and educational papers preparation and realization, as well as of development of special tools for digital forensic analysis.

Based on the provided references and other documents the European Commission showed satisfaction with RAC prerequisites for realization of such highly-professional project. With contribution of our top experts this project will help the Czech Republic to be recognized as a member of the West-European countries with developed cyber crime persecution, as this Czech centre of excellence becomes a part of an international network of similar centres.

The above presented facts prove not only a high level of professionalism of our experts, but also a high technological standard of the RAC DFI in the area of digital forensic analysis. Professional experience of our experts was hereby highly awarded not only by the European Commission, but also by all other partners within the Pan-European network of national centres of excellence, which proves them to be top experts on the European level.

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