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How did we start?

Risk Analysis Consultants is a Czech based professional provider of information security services and solutions. We have assisted organizations from government and commercial sectors to protect their information since 1995. The company is owned by the main consultants, independently from any other company or group. We are the only firm exclusively specialized in the information security field in the Czech market, and one of the few in Europe and the world. You can contact us for other information.

Who are we?

We are a team of consultants with skills in the information security, cyber security, business continuity, auditing, ICT and project management areas. We are members of several national and international professional bodies. All consultants have to pass a personal assessment test upon joining the company, and key consultants are cleared to different personal security standards. Teams of assistants complete our staff, supporting our accounting, marketing and administrative tasks.

How do we perform?

The company has been profitable since its foundation and is under constant expansion. We have developed a broad network of contacts in the Czech Republic, working together with top companies and consulting firms in multiple projects. Our activities have crossed the Czech borders and we have key clients and partners abroad (e.g. USA, United Kingdom, Slovakia, France, and Slovenia, etc.). This ranks us as the top selling firm in the Czech information security market.

The Risk Analysis Consultants company has implemented an Integrated Management System. DNV GL has certified the Quality Management System part according to ISO 9001 and the Information Security Management System part according to ISO 27001 under British accreditation by UKAS.

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