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Our Company

Risk Analysis Consultants is a Czech based provider of information security professional services and technical solutions.

We have been assisting our clients in government and commercial sectors to protect their information systems since 1995.

Risk Analysis Consultants has been approved since 2003 by the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic as a private forensics institute which is qualified for the forensics services in cybernetics and computer technology area.

Risk Analysis Consultants has implemented an Integrated Management System DNV Business Assurance has certified the Quality Management System part according to ISO 9001 and the Information Security Management System part according to ISO 27001 under British accreditation by UKAS.

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Our mission is to effectively help our clients to achieve their business objectives by reducing risk created through the use of information systems and technology

Risk Analysis Consultants
Konviktska 24
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic
IC: 63672774
DIC: CZ63672774


Risk Analysis Consultants
Taborska 5
140 00 Prague 4
Czech Republic

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